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Dr. Shahmy Hilmy

General Practitioner


Al Noor Polyclinic Al Satwa (br. of Amber Clinics LLC)


General Medicine

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Dr. Shahmy Hilmy is a highly skilled medical professional with over six years of clinical experience. In addition to General Practice, he is also experienced in Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Management, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine and General Surgery. He is dedicated towards high-quality, patient-centered care, with emphasis on effective communication and empathy to provide comprehensive, individualized treatment for diverse patient demographics, including individuals with disabilities, children, and the elderly. His excellent interpersonal skills and ability to thrive in multidisciplinary team environments underscore his commitment to optimal patient outcomes. Proficient in English, Tamil, Sinhala, Bengali and Malayalam, he is driven by a passion for compassionate care and strategic medical interventions, aiming to make a meaningful impact on patient well-being and healthcare advancement.