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Amber clinics are proud of their unique structured chronic disease management program.

Clinical pathways have been developed according to international best practice for diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and obesity, and are implemented in all clinics of the group. Core of the program is a centralized disease management team continuously tracking the health status and disease development of each individual patient enrolled in the program. Necessary follow-up visits are scheduled as agreed upon and the patients are reminded of their appointment beforehand. 

An interdisciplinary diabetes team of dedicated physicians, nurses and paramedics take a holistic patient centered approach: clinical diagnostic and medication are considered as well as the patient’s socio-economic environment, primary and secondary prophylaxis and patient education.

The following offerings are included in the chronic disease management program:

  • Personalized care booklet
  • Access to a personal dedicated nurse or doctor as the point of contact
  • Routine follow-ups
  • Assistance with specialist’s appointments and preventive services
  • Regular medication re-evaluation and screening for adverse reactions
  • Assistance with short-term and long-term healthcare goals
  • Access to a structured patient education program
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