Psoriasis a disease with inflammation involving not only the skin and joints but a huge impact in life. The multi-dimensional impact of psoriasis with its huge cost implications needs counselling care and an integrated holistic approach.

The Amber Clinics Psoriasis Support Group found under the direction of Dr. Gerhard Schwab has been very successful in making a huge impact in the community.

Sisters Latha John, Jeena Renjith and Emy Ealias are leading the nursing care of our team. They counsel the patients regarding the various aspects of psoriasis care including diet, life style, exercise, smoking cessation and management.

The huge impact nursing care counseling and management is the most vital cog in the chain of care in this chronic life impacting condition. Our Amber Clinics Psoriasis Support Group holds regular meetings that were well attended by patient volunteers and psoriasis patients by our Specialist Dermatologist – Dr. Srikumar Goturu.

All the patients and their care givers, including family members, participated eagerly and spoke individually about their journey in life with psoriasis. It was highly interactive session and fulfilled the objective of our psoriasis support group of empowering psoriasis patients and their care givers with knowledge about exciting new treatments and possible complete control of the psoriatic disease process as well as it’s complications. Holistic care including psychological social and multi-disciplinary approaches were discussed.

Everybody agreed that together we can make a huge difference.