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Dr. Violie Gondales
General Dentist

Dr. Violie Gondales is an experienced general dental practitioner with over 16 years of clinical experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Following her extensive career in Saudi Arabia, she continued her journey to Sultanate of Oman to continue her practice for two accomplished years. Recently, she came to Dubai and has yet again fulfilled one year of supplemental skill.

She is very passionate and competent in her chosen profession and has her artistic side that she uses in restoring the smile of her patients which she now brings in Amber clinic.

Services Offered

  • Expertise in aesthetic dental fillings (Reshaping of teeth with composite restorations)
  • Does veneers, crowns and bridges (metal and metal-free zirconia) as well as partial and full dentures
  • Make root canal treatments in lieu of tooth extractions
  • Implements teeth whitening procedures
  • Performs dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning)
  • Proficient in placing teeth sealant
  • Tackles tooth extractions
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