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Dr. Maria Lalaine Cartago - Garcia
Specialist Obstetrician / Gynecologist

Dr. Maria has been in continuous medical practice as a Board Certified, Diplomate, and Fellow in the two-pronged fields of Specialty in OBGYN and Sub-specialty in Ultrasonography (OBGYN cases dedicated Sonology) for the past 20 years inclusive of 3 years in Dubai as Specialist Gynecologist. She graduated from two prestigious state Universities in Manila notably University of the Philippines and University of Manila, Intramuros. Upon completion of the four-year residency, then another year of training in the field of Ultrasonography, a separate and recognized Medical Society in the practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Philippines, of which she has successfully passed both written and oral licensure examinations. Her work experience in the Philippines as OBGYN includes extensive training and experience in the Subspecialty of OBGYN Ultrasonography to scan the patients referred by nonsonologist, OBGYN general practitioners. This is for the purpose of arriving at a more definite and precise diagnosis and evaluation of pregnancy and women\'s diseases. For 17 years she has been privileged to hold clinics and active affiliations with 5 tertiary leading medical centers in the Southern part of Manila, Philippines. Her medical profile may be readily viewed in the online directory for featured Filipino Doctors, notably in the website of Asian Hospital and Medical Center. As an active Consultant she also supervised and trained OBGYN Resident Doctors in performing surgical procedures and taught them the proper procedures of scanning pregnant women and identifying anomalous gynecologic cases.

Her role as a Specialist is not confined within the walls of hospital practice. As a third world developing country, the Philippines continues to have high incidence and prevalence of maternal morbidity and mortality rates. Dr. Maria believes that it is her obligatory moral and social responsibility to contribute in alleviating these crises. Equipped with her own portable ultrasound machine, she has advocated in providing FREE pre-natal and OBGYN ultrasound services among indigent pregnant women living in the marginalized areas of Manila. She actively educated the Filipino youth on ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and to discourage pregnancy among teens, by giving series of lectures entitled \"Haste makes Waste!\". Her lectures expound on the serious and fatal consequences of engaging in premature sex, promiscuity among the young, and the complications of teen pregnancy. She authored several e-published medical articles of OBGYN related cases which can also be readily viewed online. \"Ultrasound:A Peek through the Womb\" a comprehensive guide on what to expect about fetal development. Another lifesaving topic she authored is about how to detect early signs of fetal distress with Umbilical Cord Coil using ultrasound color flow scan. Uncompromising in the quality and precision of care that she provides to her patients and with her extensive work experience and professional medical background, Dr. Maria has exemplary qualifications.

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