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Better Life with Diabetes: A chronic disease that can affect the whole body

On Oct 15, 2018

Diabetes is a chronic disease with the potential to affect all organs and organ systems. Yet patients can live a long and healthy life if the diagnosis is made at an early stage and therapeutic management is provided according to international best practices.

Modern diabetes management should be holistic and integrated. The treatment focus should not only be on controlling blood sugar, cholesterol and hypertension but should also be directed towards prevention, early detection and the treatment of organ complications.

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Psoriasis: A burden for life

On Oct 08, 2018

Psoriasis is not just a skin disease. It is an inflammatory systemic condition often associated with diabetes, heart disease, joint swelling, inflammatory bowel disease, depression or even cancer. 

On the skin psoriasis symptoms include raised, red, scaly patches predominantly on the outside of the elbows, knees or scalp. Some patients suffer from pain, described as itchy burning or pungent. 

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Chronic pain: a burden for life

On Oct 01, 2018

There is much more to persistent pain than simple hurting. It is considered a complex disease. Chronic back pain can become the biggest burden of your life: keeping you sleepless, taking away pleasure to enjoy with family and friends, impacting all aspects of your private and professional life. All of this can become overwhelming and cause a vicious circle of increasing pain and distress.

Chronic back pain is not easy to fix. Often you need to escalate treatment plans from a simple prescription of analgesics to more complex therapy. In a few cases, a complete cure will not be possible and there will remain some level of pain.

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A Better Life with Diabetes - The condition can cause impaired function of the brain or dementia

On Sep 24, 2018

Diabetes is a chronic disease with the potential to affect all organs and organ systems. It is not commonly known, however, that diabetes can also even lead to substantial impairment of the brain function, a condition called diabetic encephalopathy.

The human brain is a sophisticated and sensitive organ, constantly depending on oxygen and blood sugar to sustain its complicated function. Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels), as occasionally observed in diabetic patients, can immediately impact mood and thinking, or more severely lead to dizziness, unconsciousness or a coma. Symptoms may be severe and dangerous; however they usually can be reverted immediately by intake of glucose. 

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Amber Clinics - New Family Members

On Aug 01, 2018

We, at Amber Clinics, are proud to announce the joining of our New Family members:

  •    Dr. Manjunatha Srinivasaiah - Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon (Dr. Joseph's Polyclinic, Karama)


  •    Dr. Muhammad Akram - Specialist Pediatrician (Amber Clinics, International City)


  •    Dr. Vivek Walvekar - Specialist Radiologist (Amber Clinics, Rigga)


A Better Life with Diabetes - How pregnancy can affect your blood sugar levels

On May 28, 2018

Diabetes is a chronic disease with the potential of affecting all organs and organ systems. During pregnancy, specific steps need to be taken to manage diabetes, as uncontrolled levels of blood sugar can cause substantial health problems for mother and baby.

Demand for insulin usually increases during pregnancy and it is not uncommon for diabetic pregnant women to need insulin therapy or increased doses
of medication..


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A Better Life with Diabetes - Understanding the ABC of cardiovascular complications

On May 21, 2018

Diabetes is a chronic disease with the potential to affect all organs and organ systems. Thorough patient education and understanding of the nature of the disease are critical factors to avoid or at least delay severe complications of the disease.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the major complications of diabetes. In fact, 65 per cent of diabetics die from heart disease or stroke. 

The risk of cardiovascular disease can be controlled and reduced by considering the ABC of diabetes management.

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